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Need research to address a challenging strategic question?
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Laura Pelegrin, Ph.D.
Pelegrin Research Group works as a strategic partner

Our work is always solutions-focused... 
    ... providing our clients with the confidence to make 
        business decisions that foster success.

Our deliverables are information-rich...
    ... yet simple and engaging.

Based in Glendale, CA since 1991, we offer a level of customer service that enables our clients to sleep well at night. 
Ad agency, client and supplier-side experience combined with a doctorate in social psychology make Laura a well respected marketing strategist.
Committed to your success
Walter Baric, M.S.
Senior Vice President
Over twenty-five years in corporate, advertising and consulting research roles give Walt a deep  understanding of marketers' needs.
We deliver on time and on budget.

We provide useful, understandable information.

We have integrity and commitment.
Pelegrin Research Group is proud to be an equal opportunity employer.