Pelegrin Research Group

Custom Qualitative Research
  • Focus Groups
  • IDIs/TDIs (In-Depth/Telephone Depth Interviews)​
  • Laddering
We design and implement integrated, strategic research programs  to deliver meaningfulaction-oriented information.
Specialties Include:
  • New Product/Concept Screening
  • Communications Testing
  • Brand and Advertising Tracking
  • Brand Personality Assessment
Custom Quantitative Research
  • Online Surveys
  • IHUTS (In-Home Use Tests)
  • ​Multi-Variate Analysis
Strategic Services
  • Ideation
  • Marketing Strategy & Tactics
  • Brand Positioning​
IdeaPower - a proprietary quantitative method
  • Cost-effective screening of dozens of preliminary ideas to determine which merit further development.
Laddering - an extremely in-depth assessment
  • A unique view of consumers' psyches and the "gut-level" motivations that drive purchase decisions.
Ideation - guided creativity + initial idea screening
  • A structured process that unleashes professionals' creative genius to synergistically develop novel, attainable and compelling new product ideas.
Brand PersonEquity - quantifying brands' personalities
  • An assessment and display of the emotional territory "owned" by key brands in a market space.